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The Other Way Around

The reason I was so touched is that it treated everyone so “normally”. The movie that I saw several days ago on television struck a chord deep within me.  It wasn’t a blockbuster or, to my knowledge, the winner of … Continue reading

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“Independence Day”

Every year I celebrate.   This day fills my heart with a mixture of gratitude, awe, and not entirely inexplicable pride.  It’s not my birthday or a date when I accomplished anything impressive individually. But it is a day that … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned

When I anticipated my first week of college, I expected it to be challenging.  I had struggled with my grades in high school and knew that college level academics were a whole new ball game.  I knew that if I … Continue reading

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Taking A Stand

I was frustrated to no end. I got a call on Thursday afternoon from my mother.  I was out and about getting my hair cut and running errands, so she left a message on my cell. “Call me back as … Continue reading

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I Am Not!

When I had a salesman come to my house this evening, I was prepared for a pitch.  I was prepared for him to tell me why he thought what he was selling was necessary for my life.  I was ready … Continue reading

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Pushing for Love

Here is a secret that everyone knows: I don’t like to ask for help.  Of course, my cerebral palsy means that I need help getting dressed and have to be driven everywhere, but that is precisely my point.  Since I … Continue reading

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Better Than Christmas

Most people consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, but in terms of my day yesterday, I must disagree.  My day yesterday was better than Christmas.  You see, December 25th comes around every year. But yesterday I got to do … Continue reading

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Sometimes “Cruelty” is Kind

When I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at eighteen months of age, my family embarked on a whole new world.  This strange new place was one where my parents had never been before.  “Disability” became part of their everyday vocabulary, … Continue reading

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Unlikely Hero

I remember in great detail a day that I was in high school.  It may seem insignificant to some.  I thought it was at the time myself. But the more years I have behind me, the more I realize that … Continue reading

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“Caretaker” vs. “Caregiver”

A couple of days ago, I spent the evening in the emergency room.  Let me just say that when a stone takes up residence in my kidney, and then invites all his friends to the party, it just isn’t any … Continue reading

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