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IHOP. Geddit?

I truly admire Josh Sundquist. And no, it is not because he is a Paralympic athlete (I’ve been there) and a motivational speaker. (I’ve done some of that) The reason I admire Mr. Sundquist is more simple than that. This is a … Continue reading

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Right On, Target! Target’s latest ad for Halloween features a little girl on crutches front and center on the page, dressed as Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen.” To me, this is inclusion at it’s finest.  Nobody is highlighting her disability, instead, it is … Continue reading

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Cheeseburgers Mean Freedom!

I am probably more excited than most.  This plan potentially means that I can go get a cheeseburger whenever I want, and in my case, cheeseburgers mean freedom. I spent part of the afternoon on Tuesday meeting with some cool … Continue reading

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How Medicare Cuts Might Affect Me

When I started this blog, I was pretty sure that I simply wanted to write about my life experience and how my disability affects me. Although I love advocacy efforts that increase the quality of life for people with disabilities, … Continue reading

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My Personal 100 Day Challenge

It’s true.  I have totally eaten like crap lately.  My diet is terrible.  Sonic cheeseburgers are as much a part of my routine as exercise is supposed to be.  The order is always the same.  A junior double cheeseburger with … Continue reading

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About Leah’s Life. And Her First Date…

Hi Everyone, This is Leah, Lorraine’s black lab service dog. My mommy has had this blog for a few years now, and lately, she has been having various people guest post on it. I asked her if I could take … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Start Scared to Succeed

My local Center for Independent Living had a couple of focus groups that I was invited to participate in over the last few days.  Those gatherings are kind of my thing because I love to give opinions and describe my … Continue reading

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