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Only Some of Them Had Freckles…

It seemed like something I would really love. When I first heard that a nationally known wheelchair dance company was coming to my city and performing, I knew I wanted to go see them. For several years, another type of … Continue reading

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What’s Your Chocolate Cake?

I am a big fan of TED talks.  That is Technology, Entertainment Design talks.  Not all of them, mind you.  Anything over about 15 minutes has to work hard to hold my attention.  But every once in awhile I do … Continue reading

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What Has More Value?

I don’t like discounted movie tickets. No, that isn’t accurate. I actually love discounted movie tickets. As long as they are discounted for everyone. In fact, I try to go to the matinee showing of a movie I want to … Continue reading

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One Track Mind

It is time to own up to it.  I have a one track mind.  No, it is not in the gutter.  And I don’t see issues in the world as black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. I … Continue reading

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The Other Way Around

The reason I was so touched is that it treated everyone so “normally”. The movie that I saw several days ago on television struck a chord deep within me.  It wasn’t a blockbuster or, to my knowledge, the winner of … Continue reading

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“Independence Day”

Every year I celebrate.   This day fills my heart with a mixture of gratitude, awe, and not entirely inexplicable pride.  It’s not my birthday or a date when I accomplished anything impressive individually. But it is a day that … Continue reading

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