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Being in Touch

It’s something I don’t talk about often. Because it is both awkward and not easily understood. As a person affected by cerebral palsy, an advocate, and a teacher in various respects, I often find myself writing about issues that affect … Continue reading

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The Issue Is Only…

Picture it. Me, a seventeen-year-old recent high school graduate, ready to leave behind everything familiar, and looking forward to my future with equal parts excitement and terror. But that wasn’t going to happen for a few months yet. It was … Continue reading

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Stay With Me

It’s a complicated issue. Stay with me. I have made no secret on this blog about the fact that I have a psychiatric disability as well as a physical one, and I am willing to talk about it as much … Continue reading

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All I Can Say Is “Wow!”

“I instantly gravitated towards him because he was so handsome and confident. He also had/has stellar taste in music and we spent the next few hours talking about our favorite bands. I almost forgot about the others who were with … Continue reading

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As Your Dog Does

I am losing one of the biggest supports in my life today. It’s hard for me to look back to who I used to be, to the scared, angry, insecure woman I was when we met. I didn’t know how … Continue reading

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Beauty Undefined

It was enlightening and frustrating all at the same time. The game was called Scruples. Popular in the mid 1980’s, it was a game where all the players were posed morally challenging questions such as: “You invited a friend over … Continue reading

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The Last Laugh

Quirks fascinate me.  What motivates some people to tap their fingers incessantly, or wear different colored socks is intriguing.  I have always thought of quirks as fingerprints, characteristics that make each one of us unique in our complexity, with a … Continue reading

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Losing the “Weight”

“You are being closed minded and you’re not willing to budge!” “And you are making incorrect assumptions about things that you just don’t understand!” I was having a major disagreement with someone significant in my life, and I was taking … Continue reading

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“Push Girls”

When news of the new reality series “Push Girls” came out in the spring, I was intrigued, and eager to see where this adventure would take all the women involved, as well as all the people who were watching. The … Continue reading

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