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My Secret Weapon

I first heard of the concept from my mom, who was raised in Ireland as a young girl. She told me that when people there were hiring a new housekeeper to clean their home, one of the things they would … Continue reading

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Why My Name is “Ellie”

I’ve always liked the concept behind nicknames.  That certain people call you names different than you were given at birth, out of love and affection.  I’ve had plenty over the years.  Some are embarrassing from when I was small.  Nope, … Continue reading

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What Leah Sees…

Leah always sees the best in people.  Whoever she encounters she approaches with her tail wagging, as if to say “Hi, I’m Leah.  Can we be friends?”  It is simple, direct, and works like magic.  I have never seen anyone … Continue reading

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All I Need To Know…

When it first happened, I wasn’t very concerned. My service dog Leah lost her breakfast, and because she eats too quickly and sometimes gets into things she shouldn’t in the backyard, this is not an uncommon occurrence. But when it happened … Continue reading

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About Leah’s Life. And Her First Date…

Hi Everyone, This is Leah, Lorraine’s black lab service dog. My mommy has had this blog for a few years now, and lately, she has been having various people guest post on it. I asked her if I could take … Continue reading

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As Your Dog Does

I am losing one of the biggest supports in my life today. It’s hard for me to look back to who I used to be, to the scared, angry, insecure woman I was when we met. I didn’t know how … Continue reading

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Because of My Disability, Not In Spite of It

The following is my first (sort of autobiographical) guest blog post for United Cerebral Palsy’s national website.  It was originally published on January 12th, 2015.  I feel honored to have been asked to write for such a great organization! Lorraine … Continue reading

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A Leg To Stand On

They say a diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I will take dogs over diamonds any day. The darkness in Dr. Tom’s eyes spoke volumes as he quietly closed the chart. My fears had been confirmed.  The cancer was … Continue reading

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Exceptional Friend

They say good friends are hard to find, and for the most part, I have found that to be a very true statement. Many friends have come and gone in my life, close friends stay a little longer.  But every … Continue reading

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