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Not Even A Prayer

Since it hadn’t happened in a very long time, the whole thing shook me to my core. Last Saturday I went to the Women’s March in Topeka. Andrea, a close friend of mine asked me to accompany her, kind of … Continue reading

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My Cup Runneth Over…

It’s rare that I share my faith publicly. Not because I am not passionate about what I believe, but because I never want to push my beliefs on anyone. Too often I have had people make judgments or incorrect assumptions … Continue reading

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All I Need To Know…

When it first happened, I wasn’t very concerned. My service dog Leah lost her breakfast, and because she eats too quickly and sometimes gets into things she shouldn’t in the backyard, this is not an uncommon occurrence. But when it happened … Continue reading

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A Man of Few Words

When my dad called me last week to tell me that my grandfather was in the hospital, I wasn’t all that concerned.  Pops was a tough guy, and he had survived a stroke and numerous other health problems throughout the … Continue reading

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More Than Just A Tree

A few years ago, I was able to achieve what was, for me, part of my American dream.  I bought a house.  Designed by a graduate student in architecture at the local university, the floor plan was created with the … Continue reading

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