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Never Say Never!

No, I promise this is not a post about Justin Bieber. Never hire your friends.  It was a piece of advice I heard from several old timers when I was about to embark on the world of hiring caregivers.  That … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Colin!

His gut-wrenching response to her question broke his mother’s heart. She wasn’t content to leave the situation alone, so she looked outside the box for a solution. What happened next could potentially change his life. Colin is a young man … Continue reading

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What is Power?

  I thought the coach from my high school who helped me train for the ParalymIpics might be disappointed.  I thought my family would think I had given up.  I was afraid lots of people in my life wouldn’t understand.  … Continue reading

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The Last Laugh

Quirks fascinate me.  What motivates some people to tap their fingers incessantly, or wear different colored socks is intriguing.  I have always thought of quirks as fingerprints, characteristics that make each one of us unique in our complexity, with a … Continue reading

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Better Than A Burger

Hey, everyone!  Guess what?  I DID it! On December 1st, I set out to accomplish something that I had never come close to before.  I set a goal to complete a 30-day juice fast.  On December 31st I started eating … Continue reading

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Just What I Wanted…

I did it because it was what was best for me. Was going to visit my family for the holidays really worth the effort?  When I pondered the question in the weeks following Thanksgiving, there were several factors to consider. … Continue reading

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Learning to Fly

Life is not remembered in days; it is remembered in moments. There are embarrassing moments we would like to forget, and spectacular moments we always want to remember. This momentous day held a little bit of both. May 19th, 1990, … Continue reading

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