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The Morphine Made Me

If I had to come up with the main thing my disability has taught me, I would have to say it is how to be resourceful.  A mirror is tilted above my stove so I can see if a pot … Continue reading

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I Want to Buy New Socks!

There are holes in all of my socks. And I am not going out to buy new ones. As I have said many times previously, I am affected by spastic cerebral palsy, which means, among other things that there is … Continue reading

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What Might Have Been…

A friend of mine posted a video on my Facebook page yesterday. He said he was feeling nostalgic. It made me pause and smile. He gets it. I always get nostalgic when it is time for the summer Olympics. I … Continue reading

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As I Learn to Let Go…

It was a few months ago when the sunshine was stronger than it is now, but my body was not. Recent shenanigans with my kidneys had resulted in time in the hospital, and the unexpected surgery that followed. One of … Continue reading

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As Your Dog Does

I am losing one of the biggest supports in my life today. It’s hard for me to look back to who I used to be, to the scared, angry, insecure woman I was when we met. I didn’t know how … Continue reading

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Getting Out of Bed in the Morning

Yesterday was a good day, and it was a long time coming. I got a new bed. Sounds simple, right?  Sounds like an ordinary, no big deal thing.  The process was anything but. I had been sleeping on the same … Continue reading

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Walking the Tightrope

It’s just like walking a tightrope, and to me, it feels like it requires the same amount of focus and concentration. One wrong move could spell disaster. And just like a circus performer, if the setup is wrong or the … Continue reading

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He Didn’t Help

 The most frustrating part was that he didn’t ask me. While the sun was melting away the icy traces of winter, and daring the world to adjust to the coming of spring, the adjustments that I was making had nothing … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Potential Caregivers

Dear potential caregiver, So you want to work for me? I think that is fabulous! I want this experience to be enjoyable and positive for everyone, so I thought it might be best to clarify a few things from the … Continue reading

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Hot Towels Required

It is a ritual that I started only recently. Just before I hop in the shower, I put two or three large towels in the dryer, so they are nice and warm and I can wrap myself in them when … Continue reading

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