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Three Wonderful Years!

Midsummer of 1990 was a transitional time for me.  I had just lost a job that didn’t work out, moved home with my parents for a while and was getting ready to start a Master’s degree program a few months … Continue reading

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Not Yet!

On an early summer evening about a year ago, my friend Andrea called to see how I was doing.  It was a habit we were settling into again that I was joyfully getting used to.  We have been friends for … Continue reading

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Pure Magic

I can do something most people can’t.  I can be part of a magic trick.  Many might think that is kind of cool, but I hate it.  Well, that isn’t exactly accurate.  I will paint a clearer picture.  If Take … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Colin!

His gut-wrenching response to her question broke his mother’s heart. She wasn’t content to leave the situation alone, so she looked outside the box for a solution. What happened next could potentially change his life. Colin is a young man … Continue reading

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Better Than Disney World

“I want money towards a trip to Disney World,” my nephew said confidently as if there were no other logical answer on the planet.  Excitement filled in his brown eyes, and the long dark hair that usually covered some of … Continue reading

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Exceptional Friend

They say good friends are hard to find, and for the most part, I have found that to be a very true statement. Many friends have come and gone in my life, close friends stay a little longer.  But every … Continue reading

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Lesson Learned

When I anticipated my first week of college, I expected it to be challenging.  I had struggled with my grades in high school and knew that college level academics were a whole new ball game.  I knew that if I … Continue reading

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Sometimes “Cruelty” is Kind

When I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at eighteen months of age, my family embarked on a whole new world.  This strange new place was one where my parents had never been before.  “Disability” became part of their everyday vocabulary, … Continue reading

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Unlikely Hero

I remember in great detail a day that I was in high school.  It may seem insignificant to some.  I thought it was at the time myself. But the more years I have behind me, the more I realize that … Continue reading

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