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That Settles It

It was a pretty weird thing to forget, especially since I had checked my packing list no less than a gazillion times. On a road trip last spring break, I realized about five hours away from home that I had … Continue reading

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What Was His Name?

This is an interesting post on Facebook by a friend of a friend of mine.  The author’s name is Dany Holmes.  I apologize if any of you are offended by her use of language, but I can’t say I disagree … Continue reading

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Look At Me…

This story was originally posted on United Cerebral Palsy’s national website a few months back.  They asked me to describe what it was like being poster child when I was young.  They encouraged me, to be honest.  I appreciate them … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

I have heard of great expectations before, but when I listened to an interview on NPR recently, it gave the whole concept a new twist for me. Bob Rosenthal is a research psychologist. Early in his career, he went into … Continue reading

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Gone to the Dogs

It shouldn’t have happened. Not in 2013. Not twenty-three years after the Americans with Disabilities Act went into effect. But it did. And the people who witnessed the incident decided to protest. According to an article from CNN, in mid-November … Continue reading

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Unlikely Hero

I remember in great detail a day that I was in high school.  It may seem insignificant to some.  I thought it was at the time myself. But the more years I have behind me, the more I realize that … Continue reading

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