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Then, I Can Hope…

When I answered the phone on that Sunday evening, the person on the other end was one of the last I expected. “Lorraine, this is Charlie Y.” My intrigue grew. This man is one of the nicest people on the … Continue reading

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The Issue Is Only…

Picture it. Me, a seventeen-year-old recent high school graduate, ready to leave behind everything familiar, and looking forward to my future with equal parts excitement and terror. But that wasn’t going to happen for a few months yet. It was … Continue reading

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They Took My Picture

In 1974, at six years old, I saw myself as pretty typical. However, much of the world saw me as “Tiny Tim.” I was a scrawny kid with skinny arms and legs, pigtails in my hair and a smile that … Continue reading

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Thanks Coach!

After I graduated from high school in the summer of 1986, I got ready to move across the country for college. The move was difficult for me in many ways. Not only was I transitioning to a new phase of … Continue reading

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The Last Laugh

Quirks fascinate me.  What motivates some people to tap their fingers incessantly, or wear different colored socks is intriguing.  I have always thought of quirks as fingerprints, characteristics that make each one of us unique in our complexity, with a … Continue reading

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Not A Perfect World

Towards the end of the summer of every fourth year, the Olympics is an event that I always look forward to.  There is something special about hearing the stories of athletes from all over the world, who have overcome obstacles … Continue reading

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It Comes From Within

People ask me about various aspects of my disability all the time. There are all kinds, but probably the most common question I get asked is “What is the worst part about having your disability?” Some people wonder if I … Continue reading

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