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There is a Difference

I’ve heard that many people do lots of cleaning in the spring.  I, on the other hand, only clean my office when I can’t stand the clutter anymore.  Such was the case a few weeks ago.  As I was reorganizing … Continue reading

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What Has More Value?

I don’t like discounted movie tickets. No, that isn’t accurate. I actually love discounted movie tickets. As long as they are discounted for everyone. In fact, I try to go to the matinee showing of a movie I want to … Continue reading

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5 Things I Wish People Knew About Me

1.  I embrace my disability.  While it is true that if I had been given a choice at birth, this is not the life I would have chosen, for the most part, I feel blessed by my circumstances.  It is … Continue reading

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Check Your Ableism…

It’s one of my guilty pleasures.  Along with quality chocolate and a glass of Mascato most evenings, I love watching Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights.  I don’t know if I can explain the appeal for me exactly, but there was … Continue reading

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It’s About Much More Than Picking Up Pencils…

Joshua Gorenflo is one of my current caregivers. He doesn’t fit the mold of who I usually hire.  He is 29 years old and married to a wonderful woman named Jenny.  He has a degree in Christian ministry.  He is … Continue reading

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The “R” Word–Really, Ann Coulter?

There have been numerous occasions in my life when someone I am with chooses not to understand my “disability quirks.”  Sometimes my cerebral palsy means that my body goes into spasm or I laugh at inappropriate times.  If that is … Continue reading

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Use Your Power!

When I decided to enter the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas pageant in 2007, part of the application process was to come up with a platform.  If I was crowned, what did I want my message to be?  What did I want … Continue reading

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