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Just Be Aware

Today is the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week, and I guess the purpose of events like this is not to “celebrate” mental illness as such, but rather, as the name implies, to simply raise awareness about the subject. I … Continue reading

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My Cloud

The question usually comes from good friends, at a time when I am struggling. They want to know how to help me the most. What is it like to have a psychiatric diagnosis? It’s like there is a dark cloud … Continue reading

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Stay Loud!

For the last few years, I have routinely said that I didn’t think I would ever get a tattoo. It’s not that I don’t like them. On the contrary. Several tattoos I have seen are exceptionally cool. Rather, my hesitation … Continue reading

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What A Semicolon Means…

Most of the time I can keep you at bay, just underneath the surface.  Most people don’t know your depth, strength or intensity.  If I can ask them how they are, you get deflected.  I’ve become an expert at keeping … Continue reading

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Understanding Makes Tolerance Unnecessary

I don’t know who first said this quote, but I heard it the other day and I love it.  And I can relate to it. Understanding makes tolerance unnecessary. Last week my life sucked eggs.  Plain and simple.  I just … Continue reading

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Losing the “Weight”

“You are being closed minded and you’re not willing to budge!” “And you are making incorrect assumptions about things that you just don’t understand!” I was having a major disagreement with someone significant in my life, and I was taking … Continue reading

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